Please know your State Laws as your state will refuse certain products

Alternative Cannibinoids are 100% hemp based every single time. These do conflict with local law and its up to you to determine the risk involved.

Due to rising costs we have limited help, your order will ship Sundays and any day they can be shipped, we apologize for this.


More Coming Soon!!

 Trusted Hemp Stuff is dedicated to getting the best alts you can get. For most of these new ones coming out that has meant waiting. We only work with people who we have trusted since Hemp was legalized. We work hard not to work with companies utilizing with both legal REC or MMJ so we know their focus is on hemp. This is also good for trust since some and most of these can be made illegally, we work with people who pride on making it legally and safe.

Please read each description carefully, these are great products but be sure you know what you are buying.